The CHEF Allocations Committee is now accepting and reviewing grants each month from October to April. Grants must be submitted by the 10th of each month to be considered at the Board meeting at the end of the month. Thank you.

Since 2011, CHEF has funded approximately 200 teacher grant requests in CHSD schools.

CHEF Teacher Grants provide funding for projects that enrich education and give our students opportunities they may not otherwise have. This includes program support, funding for attendance at competitions, plays and field trips, and/or travel expenses for all of these events.

Teacher Grants

Most recently CHEF provided Teacher Grants for:

  • The Beacon Middle School Band to travel to a competition in Hershey, Pennsylvania where they were given scores for their performance in terms of tone production, rhythm, pitches, intonation, and musicality
  • STEM students to attend an out-of-state “Physics Day,” offering them a unique, first-hand experience of concepts learned in the classroom
  • Cape Henlopen High School students who are part of the AVID program (Advancement Via Individual Determination) to attend college tours to help them determine the type of school (private vs. public, small vs. medium vs. large, urban vs. suburban vs. rural) that best fits their needs
  • Seven marketing students to attend an international competition for marketing, defraying costs for transportation and lodging
  • Mariner Middle School students to perform their Spring Musical at the Milton Theatre

CHEF awards Teacher Grants up to $500 which provide teachers with tools and materials to support and supplement students’ academic experience.

Recent Teacher Grants awarded include:

  • Bridge kits for an elementary class to assemble and reinforce STEM learning
  • A subscription to hundreds of e-book titles within the personal reading levels of elementary school students, allowing them to record their own reading fluency for records and self-reflection, monitor comprehension, and access more titles than the paper-only subscription
  • Funding to print Children’s Literature Books written and illustrated by Cape Henlopen High School students for state competition
  • The purchase of five blazers for students attending the 2017 Business Professionals of America Conference in Orlando, Florida
  • Materials for a screen printing program for high school art students, allowing them to gain knowledge of the screen-printing process and create a piece for their portfolios

Performing Arts Scholarships (up to $1,000 per student)

Each year CHEF awards three students performing arts scholarships allowing them to advance and cultivate their talent during the summer months.

Grant Application Downloads

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