“Raise Your Hands for Teachers” Campaign

Raise Your Hand for Teachers

“Greg Berman is an inspirational teacher who is compassionate about educating the students at Cape Henlopen High School.  He is highly respected by all students and their parents alike.”  The Falk, O’Neill family

The fact that Cape Henlopen School District employs so many teachers like Mr. Berman, who positively impact our children, is the perfect reason to shout from the rooftops that we as a community are “Cape Proud”.   As the new school year is now in full swing, it is time to recognize the educators and staff who go well beyond standing at the front of a classroom of children each day relaying an ordinary lesson.

The teachers that I am referring to are the ones that your child mentions again and again over the years, the one who taught them a cool way to remember their multiplication tables, the one that never let them settle for second best, the one that wiped their tears when the fell on the playground, and the one that made learning come alive on a daily basis.

Since my own three daughters have attended Rehoboth and now Beacon for the past 4 years, we have been fortunate to have so many of Cape’s brightest and best shape their academic career.  Truthfully, when we left private school and entered the public school system here, my husband and I were unsure if we had made the right decision.

However, our personal journey within the Cape School District has been outstanding for every one of my daughters.  We have had the benefit not only of engaging with amazing educators, but becoming part of this amazing “Cape Community”.  

I am personally impressed on a daily basis when I talk to not only our administration, but our teachers and faculty who are doing amazing things to guide our kids not because their principal is telling them they have to do this, but because they want to excel as an educator.

Here are just a few quotes from our ‘Raise Your Hand for Teachers” Campaign

“Carolyn and I are MOST proud of our Grand-daughter Sandra Tappan.” Scott Walsmith

“Mrs. Kiesel, Mr. Smith, Miss Bailey and Miss Ross operate and exceptional fifth grade program.  It is the perfect combination of learning and fun and Dru had a fantastic year that readied her for middle school.  Thanks for all you do!“  The Buehler Family

“Kristen Mitchell was the perfect teacher for Cullen 12 years ago.  She continues to be that perfect teacher for every student that walks into her classroom”   Bob Fulton

I would ask all of you over the next few weeks to “Raise Your Hand for Cape Teachers” by going to http://www.chef-cape.org/raise-your-hand.html and making a donation on behalf of one of our amazing educators, faculty or staff members.  Any donation makes a difference and each donation will be used to fuel our Teacher Grant program which allows our teachers to inspire children in new ways. In addition, Dogfish Head generously donated up to $500 to match our first twenty donations.  I continue to be “Cape Proud” because businesses like Dogfish Head exist in our community and they “Raise their hand”  to support the talented teachers and staff at Cape.

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