CHEF is “Cape Proud” of Carrie Lingo

Carrie Lingo

The Lingo family consistently gives back to our local community in a multitude of ways.  Recently John Lingo on behalf of Jack Lingo Realtors graciously donated a party that he won at Winter Jam to Cape Henlopen Educational Foundation.  Mr. Lingo was so impressed with the preparation and execution of Winter Jam that he gifted his party back to the board and the volunteers who put the event together.  In addition, he agreed to be our title sponsor for Winter Jam 2016.  

These amazing acts of generosity to Cape Henlopen School District demonstrate the Lingo family’s willingness to support the pursuit of academic excellence for CHSD.  In fact one shining example of an extraordinary Cape Alumnus is Carrie Lingo.

Carrie is a 1997 graduate of Cape Henlopen High School and someone who makes our entire state “Cape Proud”.  After graduating high school, Carrie headed to UNC Chapel Hill armed with a field hockey scholarship. While playing at the collegiate level, Carrie also joined the US Hockey Team.  She made the tough choice to give up her college eligibility her final year in order to play for the US team in Perth Australia.

Carrie went on to play for the US Team for 12 years and has been a cornerstone in the development and recognition of Women’s Field Hockey. Over the course of her career, she had the opportunity to play in over 190 international matches.  Every single player and coach associated with the sport of field hockey has praise and accolades for Carrie’s abilities and impact on the sport. In 2004, with nagging injuries Carrie considered retiring from hockey; however, her parents urged her to continue playing.   She was thrilled that she heeded their words as the US Team qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Finally after 7 surgeries over 12 years on her right knee, Carrie retired in 2012 and returned to the Cape region.

Carrie’s prowess on the hockey field is only a small part of what makes her special.  She is one of those rare individuals who exude energy and happiness.  In fact, Carrie volunteers at a summer bible camp that my daughters attend and the day she was there; my kids came home chattering about this “cool red-headed Olympian” that taught them field hockey.

Each summer, Carrie holds a field hockey camp for teens at the Cape Henlopen High School.  All of her friends and former teammates join her for the week to instruct girls on every facet of the game.  Every coach that Carrie invites to her camp has either played for the US National Team or is a current player on the team.  

Carrie recently launched her own non-profit, the “Amateur Athlete Scholarship Fund” in order to help fund other athletes’ endeavors.  The fact is that most of the women on the US National Team need to supplement their income with day jobs.  When Carrie played on the team, her stipend was $5 a day.

When asked about her experience at the Cape Henlopen School District, Carrie gushed about many staff members and recounted an experience where Madame Robinson, her French teacher, saved her and some teammates.  While stuck in France as a young player without her coaches, Carrie and her teammates had to find a hotel.  Carrie was able to communicate to the locals in French and she easily guided her teammates to a hotel.  In addition to Madame Robinson, Carrie rattled off a long list of coaches and teachers who she loved and still communicates with from her high school days.

Carrie said one of the high points in her life was being invited to give the Cape Henlopen High Schools commencement speech in 2009.  For all that Carrie Lingo and her family have done for our community, we certainly are “Cape Proud”.

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